Better than PC experience

Crimson DaaS is delivered using mature and proven technologies from best-of-breed, world class partners to ensure a brilliant user experience on any device, under any network condition, often equaling or surpassing the local PC experience.

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Deliver any app to any device

Support for millions of devices Windows, Apple or Smartphones and even tablets for a consistent experience on any device


Supports touch & gestures

A full touch experience while leveraging device features such as multi-touch gestures, native menu controls, camera and GPS device functions.


Smooth voice and video performance

Delivers bandwidth-efficient, crystal-clear voice, multimedia and video.


Optimized for professional graphics apps

Optimizes the performance of 2D business graphics and graphics-intensive 3D professional apps.


Support for USB and other local devices

Provides simple plug-and-play connectivity for a broad range of USB devices and specialty peripherals for 3D graphics designers, cameras and GPS radios on mobile devices.


Windows apps with mobile look and feel

Automatic adjustment for Windows applications running on mobile devices while leveraging device features such as native menu controls, camera and GPS device functions.

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Designed for a highly secure and compliant enterprise

Give users true enterprise class data services across all corporate and personal mobile devices, while giving IT all the control it needs.

Seamless app and data integration

Blend applications and data from a local device or on premise environment into the hosted desktop for a seamless user experience. Seamless app integration makes it easy to transition to DaaS and ensures that legacy & non-hosted apps are fully accessible from the hosted desktop.

Designed for corporate security and compliance

High security is ensured with multi-factor authentication, the latest FIPS Compliance and Common Criteria Evaluation certifications and activity logging and session recording for audit and compliance support.

Flexible data storage

Choose where your data is stored – local drives, in the cloud or a combination of both to meet data sovereignty, compliance, performance and costs, eliminating the need to migrate all of your enterprise data to the cloud.


Join us for a technical discussion

Would you like to talk to one of our expert consultants how our "Desktop-as-a-Service" can meet your IT requirements - ask us how smart organizations such as your have implemented our DaaS solution for higher productivity, security at low operating costs.

Mobility and Mobile Device Management

We can deliver a rich user experience with a secure mobile email, calendar and contact access, and secure browsing and for enterprise data sync. With our solution, we can easily configure, secure, and support mobile devices with MDM. We provide you options to protect company data on any device or corporate asset and selectively wipe any device if lost, stolen or out of compliance.

Secure Enterprise File Management & Compliance

Users can access, sync and securely share files from any device with people both inside and outside the organization. Offline access keeps productivity up even when on-the-go. Advanced security features including remote wipe, device lock, passcode protection, white/black listings and data expiration policies allow you to determine exactly how sensitive data is stored, accessed and shared.

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